Reghan Blake is a creative who believes wholeheartedly in the power of visual style choices to both enhance and effect your world. As a former fashion model and actor on set, Reghan has had the opportunity to be styled in many different wardrobes to portray or convey a thought, feeling or message.

Reghan brings her knowledge, her sense of whimsy and adventure to fashion.  Reghan understands that staying true to oneself needs to be at the heart of her work with clients – curating an existing wardrobe, putting together a seasonal capsule, working up a specific destination collection or trip wardrobe or finding that unique and timeless look for an occasion. While working with YOU Reghan hopes to inspire you to press your boundaries confidently with fashion and speak your creativity. Be unique, be you in all of your spaces! 



It is Reghan Blake’s small details and personal touches that will make your personal spaces feel more like a reflection of your life and style. More than an interior designer, Reghan is a home stylist - reimagining and creating spaces that enhance and define your personal style and character of your home - from the ground up, down to the cutlery! 

Reghan is a creative who believes in the ability of beautiful interiors to transform daily life. She believes your personal space should be an expression for the client's love of what is beautiful and inviting. Reghan is known for incorporating unique design and function to create warm and inviting residential interiors that her clients can easily recognize themselves in. Reghan is best known for creating polished spaces that are functional, inviting and beautiful. Each project speaks to her client’s own interests, travels and lifestyle, their family calendar and pastimes, work schedule and favored entertainments, their collective passions and needs - understanding the function serves as a solid structure for every design project.



More than an interior designer, Reghan Blake is a business stylist who works to understand the mood and message you want your professional space to convey. Overall, within a professional space Reghan recognizes that the powerful aspects of design stand as a way to describe "who you", professionally, are without speaking words. Clients will be exposed to new ideas, trends and materials to create a thoughtful, imaginative and curated space. Reghan believes that a design project should not only meet the client’s functional needs for the space itself, but create and convey the kind of professional atmosphere that is so integral and important to your professional work.



Reghan Blake is known to be one of the most thoughtful and detail orientated designers. While she can design spaces in any style or genre you desire, Reghan is known for creating inviting, unique and personal spaces that say who you are without having to speak words. Along with home and office styling she believes every aspect of your life should be interesting and beautiful. From designing tablescapes for special dinners, business events or family gatherings, to creating special themes and interesting decorations for parties, to sourcing the perfect thoughtful, unique and personal gift, every detail will be beautiful and thoughtful.

Events styled to perfection, creating an experience and memories that will last forever.



Reghan Blake is a Fashion Stylist and Image Maker. She is a Visual Story Teller, Curator of Images and a Creator of Images: working in mediums that include Editorial Stories and Covers for Magazines, Newspapers, Digital Content and Video, Fashion Shows, Advertising, Lookbooks, E-Commerce, Social Media, Celebrity, Film and TV.

Reghan’s work as a Fashion Stylist demonstrates a varied and in-depth awareness of contemporary art, literature, music and fashion which are necessary for finding inspiration to feed into the curation of current trends. Reghan is constantly critiquing fashion and other imagery in the pursuit of understanding the components of a strong image. As a stylist Reghan curates trends and edits ideas in order to source, dress and style clothing and accessories with the creative team-all in the persuit of a successful creation of a fashion image.

Reghan believes that style is timeless and fashion is about personal expression. She aims to create an authoritative curation rather than a dictation of the latest trends in any editorial work she creates.



Lifestyle Styling for You and your Personal and Professional Spaces